About the OSGD

Hello there, fellow developer!

My name's Andrew, and I'm the curator of the Open Source Game Development Collection, abbreviated as the OSGD. I created the OSGD to be a centralized, clean, and easily accessible collection of free and open source game development projects, applications, and material. But ultimately, the main issue I wanted to solve was discoverability. It is suprisingly hard to discover new repositories and projects on GitHub without any prior knowledge of what you're looking for. That's what I want to OSGD to help solve - to help bring cool new projects into the spotlight and make them easily accessible to all game devs.

The OSGD, of course, is also free and open-source. If you'd like to contribute to the site or want to suggest an addition to the list, I'd certainly appreciate the help! To do so, check out our contribution page.

Want to know more about me? Feel free to check out my personal website.

What's Next?

I have plenty more ideas and future plans to make the OSGD a better, more useful, and more accessible site for all developers. Planned additions include:

  • Adding in functionality for non-GitHub repositories
  • Adding a full list of all repositories that can be sorted and filtered
  • Color-coding for the specific categories
  • Learning how to properly make a CSS grid, for once
  • Better metrics visualization - project activity, OS availability, etc
  • Improving performance of the main page

OSGD Changelog

Version 2.0 - January 22, 2024
  • Completely re-vamped the site with Vue 3 and a new backend - a project I've been procrastinating on for TWO YEARS
    • Previously the site was updated with a Python script that ran every day via GitHub Actions - this required a JSON file to be pushed to the repo, which would then trigger an automated build. If you're wondering why this project has 860+ commits, that's why...
    • Now, the site runs off Supabase, which hosts a PostgreSQL table of the repositories.
    • We also now have it so that the site checks GitHub on page load, so now you'll have the most accurate data.
  • Replaced the UI component library from Bootstrap to Inkline.
  • Pruned some old repositories that no longer exist.
  • Added in new entries.
  • Removed link to Twitter.
  • If you're visiting for the 2024 Global Game Jam, hello!